nancials and the audit of the district I’d like to... As part of the clean up of fi

From: MaryBeth Benvenutti
Sent: Friday, February 19, 2010 1:25 PM
To: Connie Willis; Shirley Slaughter; Alice Marez; Kinh Tran
Cc: Judy Lam; Kanika Parris
Subject: wiring funds to the district
As part of the clean up of financials and the audit of the district I’d like to request
that you take the bulk of the funds in your district revenue checking account and
wire it down to the district. I know we have no mechanism of reconciling our
bank accounts to the general ledger yet but we are getting closer to closing the
gap. We’ve fixed the majority of the coding in the student system and Kinh and
Muriel will begin testing the system upgrades next Tuesday. So to at least clean
up our cash accounts please make an educated guess about how much funds
you need to keep in your bank account to process refunds and wire the
remainder of the funds to the district Wells Fargo account.
The wiring instructions are as follows: Wells Fargo N.A. P.O. Box 6995, Portland,
OR 97228-6995, Routing number 121000248, and account number 80120470.
Phone number is 800-225-5935.
Please complete these wire transfers no later than next Tuesday, February 23.
Please email Judy and me with the amount of the wire and any confirmation
numbers when you are done.