Morgan Myers Integrated Marketing

Counselor (Integrated Marketing/Communications)
Apply through the following website:
Primary Purpose of this Position: Responsible for building and maintaining good client
relationships, to develop programs that are high quality, cost-effective and timely. Two areas
of particular interest are those applicants who have experience in the swine or cattle
industries. The job may be located in either Waukesha, Wisconsin or Waterloo, Iowa.
Essential Functions/Responsibilities:
Account Management:
 Maintain direct, day-to-day, senior level contact
 Direct the activities of account team to ensure proper service to clients
 Work in a proactive manner to provide clients’ marketing plans with the greatest
amount of value added through communications
 Involve research department as early as possible to assure plans and programs meet
client needs
 Analyze client input, together with background knowledge, research, field feedback,
etc., to produce full communications plans
 Devise communications strategy
 Brief creative and media staff in support of account team
 Ensure technical and product representations are appropriate
 Provide creative, production, media and interactive department personnel with welldocumented input support data and production materials as required; ensure that
strategies are clearly defined, approved by clients and understood by the creative and
media groups
 In the absence of creative and media personnel, present and effectively sell
communications plans, concepts, media and interactive marketing plans to clients;
where creative and media personnel are present, support them in selling concepts and
 Provide client with budget updates
 Keep appraised of all relevant client, industry and market developments
 Coordinate and authorize quotations for client approval
 Assist in preparation of client invoices
 Check and approve copy, design and production art and coordinate client approval of
 Ensure prompt collection of accounts receivable
 Coordinate project timing and budgets with all relevant agency personnel
 Write client contact reports; review important developments with relevant account
executives and director of client services
New Business Development:
 Seek out new business opportunities with new and existing clients and play a
supportive role in their development
Revised 06/28/16
Keep accurate time and expense records
Ensure that overall account revenues meet agency goals
Develop account team
Represent the agency at industry functions – promote the agency at every opportunity.
Be fully familiar with agency credentials and specialties.
 Continuously work to upgrade knowledge and skills through available reading, courses
and seminars
 College degree in communications, journalism, public relations, advertising or a related
business program (agriculture, food, financial services, technology)
 5-10 years position specific PR experience
Knowledge/Skill Qualifications:
 Familiarity with position specific issues and trends
 Print and broadcast media knowledge
 Comfort with new technologies/electronic communications
 Possess strong writing and verbal communications skills
 Excellent organizational abilities, utilizing personal skills, other people and
material resources
 Some experience in account team management and control of client budgets
 Possess an excellent client service attitude
Physical/Mental Demands: Ability to give, receive, and analyze information, formulate
work plans, prepare written materials, and articulate goals and action plans. Must
understand people and be able to communicate effectively with them. Must be able to
handle occasional high stress situations.
Special Working Conditions: Work in a typical office setting. Some traveling required.
Revised 06/28/16