Apply to be an Ed Prep Reviewer

Apply to be an Ed Prep Reviewer
Massachusetts is leading a national effort to
support educator preparation. Our goal is to
guarantee that preparation in MA results in
effective educators who are ready to support the
success of all students. In support of this, we’ve
designed a review process that is:
 Effective and evidence-based
 Efficient
 Consistently rigorous
To apply, visit:
Application Deadline:
March 2nd, 2016
We are looking for a cohort of highly skilled, deeply
engaged educators to serve as reviewers for the
2016-2017 review cycle.
All applicants considered. Experience in education preferred.
Current role in PK-12 system highly valued.
If selected as an Ed Prep Reviewer, you will:
Collaborate with a team to
review, analyze, and
evaluate evidence of
program effectiveness.
recommendations to
the Commissioner of
Elementary and
Secondary Education
that help determine
program approval.
Need more info?
Visit our
Reviewer Site
Gain insight into
educator preparation
in MA and learn
about the cuttingedge, innovative
review process being
used by the state.
Contact with questions.
Engage in an impactful,
professional learning
experience and earn PD
points for your participation.