ST 370 Project Proposal

Instructor use only:
Group Number _____________
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ST 370 Project Proposal
All elements of this form must be typed. Email proposals to
Subject line “GX: Title of project” where X is your group number.
Group Members
Email address
Objectives: (3-5 sentences) First sentence: To determine the effects of Factor A and
Factor B on response variable. Next sentences in whatever order you deem
appropriate: define the variables (Factors and response) if they are not obvious. Give
levels of the factors. Tell me why you think the response variable will (might) be
different for different levels of Factor A. Ditto for Factor B. State your hypothesis about
these effects, or explicitly state that you don’t know which level of the factor will result
in higher values of the response. Make sure to give me a mental picture of this
experiment so I can understand what you’re doing. If there is a lot of jargon related to
your field, please explain it so that a lay person (that’s me!) can understand it. Don’t
worry if this is a long paragraph.
Response Variable (numeric)
Experimental Unit
Factors and Levels
given as “Factor (level1, level2,…)”
Number of treatments
Number of replicates
Total number of observations
Amount of time planned for data
Controlled variable(s)
given as “Variable (value)”
Blocking variable(s)
given as “Variable (value)”
What is the population about which you can draw inference?
Important sources of experimental error not addressed by the experimental design:
Instructor use only:
Group Number _____________
Score _____________
List the things you need to randomize in this experiment (this is a list, not paragraphs):