THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON Engagement Council Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2011

Engagement Council
Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2011
Members Present: C. Beller, C. Beckwith, T. Beyerle, J. Boyes, B. Jordan, A. Mast, J. McHugh, P. Moss, K RossAlaolmolki, M. Shermis, D. Steiner, D. Visco, D. Weber, S. Zachariah
Chair: H. Harris Bane
Recorder: K. Haverkamp
Outreach Evaluation
Discussed the development of an Outreach Evaluation Matrix to be used
for planning and evaluation.
Best Practices
Discussed the definition of engagement, categories of engagement
activities and best practices in regard to Vision 2020 and Provost’s
objectives. The focus was on Student Success and how engagement
might relate to improving graduation rates. The next step will be
determined by the reasons that student’s don’t graduate.
Had a brainstorming session about the dimensions of engagement:
enrollment, available professional development, attendance at campus
activities, increase student success K-12/college student success,
technology transfer, number of new partners/educational
pathways/increase industry outcomes, creation of mutually beneficial
relationships, revenue generation, University branding, new curriculum
outcomes/market driven, retention of talent, student satisfaction
Measuring Success
of Engagement
Discussed the use of an Outreach Evaluation Matrix measuring the
success of engagement. Provided members with a sample Matrix for
Evaluating Quality Outreach.
Once Around the
College of Education – Creating certificates, workshops and conferences
to create revenue in case SB5 passes.
Wayne College Workforce Development – received $70,000 USO grant.
Services Learning – There is a program that promotes citizen journalism.
This would be an opportunity for our students to be promoted in the
media for free.
College of Engineering – Promoted UA’s Corrosion Engineering program
at a corrosion conference where there was more than 500 people and 100
companies in attendance.
Review handout and
determine what
dimensions of matrix
would work for UA