Program Proposal Template:




Please note that this form is for programs new to Outreach School delivery, not for programs new to UW.

Applicant Name: Date:

Program Name and Type:

(i.e., disciplinary title and designation as a minor, degree or certificate; undergraduate or graduate level)


Anticipated initiation of program delivery:

Note that the filing of this proposal must be no less than

three full semesters

prior to the start date of the first course offering. The program review committee meets once each semester to evaluate proposals.

Planning outline for proposal (no more than five pages in length):


Please explain the purpose of the program and the audience to be served by program

. What do you see as the market demand for the program? Are there competing programs? Are there opportunities to partner with other institutions (such as Wyoming community colleges or WICHE ICE institutions) to supply courses and provide a recruitment base of students? Are there opportunities to work with any related




professional associations on recruiting?

Please explain how the program will be delivered

. Will the program be delivered through University of Wyoming/Casper College (UW/CC) Center as a residential program in Casper, or through the Division of Outreach Credit Programs (OCP) for distance delivery through audio conferencing, videoconferencing, online, or a “hybrid” combination of several delivery methods?

Please provide a three-year proposed course rotation

. If possible, note proposed course instructors, whether teaching will be on an on-load or overload basis, and whether part-time lecturers or graduate students will also be utilized to supplement teaching.

Please discuss the college and departmental resources available to develop, implement, and sustain the program

. Please explain what resources the college and department already plan to provide for program support. In particular, note

faculty commitments

: Please explain the degree to which departmental faculty or faculty in related departments are willing to provide leadership and academic coordination, teaching (onload/overload?), admissions, and advising service to program students. In the case of graduate programs, please note how the staffing of committees, thesis advising, and culminating exam support will be managed.

Approved by Deans’ Council 4-9-13


Please discuss the Outreach School resources required to develop, implement, and sustain the program

. The Outreach School provides instructional design support and other administrative guidance (including marketing) for the distance delivery of academic programs. Please indicate what kind of Outreach School support will be needed to initiate and sustain this program. Instructional design support is provided and strongly suggested for all courses, and it is required for courses in programs where faculty or the department receive any start-up or development funding from the Outreach School.


Please discuss what additional University resources are needed to design, implement, and sustain the program

. For example, will additional library or student support services resources be required?


Please provide a timeline for program development and implementation:

What are the key milestones in the conceptualization, design, and implementation of the program and the estimated dates for achievement of each milestone?


Dept. Head Date

Department Head Comments:

College Dean

College Dean Comments:


To be completed by Outreach School

Date proposal received:

Date proposal reviewed:

Review committee recommendation:

Approved by Deans’ Council 4-9-13