Lecture xxxx

Major Grammar Errors
It is very important that you listen to the
audio for this presentation as all of the
examples are poor examples, and I want
you to understand why they are wrong and
how to fix them. Sound starts with next
• Errors with verbs
– Faulty agreement
Poor: The family often sing the praises of education.
Poor: Everyone in both businesses think it a good
– Subjunctive [untrue if or wish]
• Poor: If I was rich, I would travel the world.
• Poor: Darla wishes she was an empress.
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• Errors with verbs
– Tense Shift
Poor: Luke doesn’t eat breakfast, so he felt 2 desserts
will make up for it.
– Split Infinitive
• Not terribly worried about this 
– Double Negatives
Poor: I didn’t not want to see Monica.
– Passive Voice
Poor: Many people have been instructed by medical
personnel that vitamins have been proven to help
fight certain cancers.
• Errors with Nouns
– Faulty Agreement
Poor: Everyone in the class hates it when they get a
bad grade.
– Vague Reference
Poor: When Dave saw Bill, he was kissing Sally.
– Pronoun Shift
Poor: I don’t like messy foods you eat with your
– Incorrect Case
Poor: Bill didn’t give the book to Sally or I.
Poor: Mary likes fish better than me.
• Errors with Adverbs and Adjectives
– Incorrect Usage
Poor: Although he lies good, I’m not convinced.
– Faulty Comparison
Poor: Mary is more lovely than Sharon.
Poor: Of the two sisters, Donna is the most cruel.
• Errors in Modifying Phrases
– Dangling Modifiers
Poor: Shutting the door quickly, the house rocked with
the sudden bang.
Poor: Lighting the Pipe, the smoke rose slowly to the
– Misplaced Modifiers
Poor: Mary rode the pony in the pink skirt.
Poor: The policeman chased the criminal in the squad