Pine Crest Elementary School

Pine Crest Elementary School
201 Woodmoor Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20901
Telephone: 301-649-8066
Fax: 301-649-8194
Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):
It has come to our attention that many students have been using online resources and social
media in a variety of ways outside of school. Some of these sites are approved and safe for our
students to use. Other sites, social media in particular, are not appropriate or are not being
used in an appropriate manner. For example, students are using Google Hangouts for gossip
and rumors or playing violent video games rated ‘M’ for mature. There are so many resources
that are available for our students to access outside of school, and we want to ensure that you
are aware of the sites and apps that children may access. We strongly encourage you to discuss
Internet and social media use including safety and etiquette with your child. This discussion
should also include parental monitoring of Internet use and the types of sites and apps that are
being accessed. Please find information and tip sheets attached that may be helpful as you
discuss Internet and social media use with your child. You can also find valuable information on
our school website.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Christina Parent
School Counselor
Pine Crest Elementary School