First Grade Technology Demonstration Classroom Free Apps Worth

First Grade Technology
Demonstration Classroom
Free Apps
Looking At
Fry Words and Phonics Genius are not fancy apps, but that
is what makes them a useful tool. If you have students who
struggle with practicing their sight words or need
additional help with phonics-these are the apps for you.
There are a lot of choices in the settings for you to
customize the experience for your students. The Play
Mode is where you can choose to have students listen to
words or hear the words read and they choose which is
the word they heard.
TinyTap is an app that helps you make tiny learning apps for
children! There is a basic template, but you get to customize it
and decide the content! Teachers can make TinyTaps for
students, and students can make TinyTaps for each other or
learning buddies. Parents and Grandparents might want to give
it a whirl for those special little people in their lives. There is a
way to record your voice onto your TinyTap and you can choose
to have your TinyTap live on your iPad or share it with others.
There is also a way to search for TinyTaps created by others that
may focus on a concept you are working on right now!