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Limits of Resilience

Limits of Resilience
Each system to which resilience is directed requires different level of resilience ( or adversity
and recovery). A system may be confronted with different level of disruption calling for
resilience. The system needs strategy to drive out its resilience characteristics. A system may be
confronted with a choice between…
The objects of resilience are ordered according to importance. Without a hierarchy of values, its
subordination .
A study was conducted which shows that resilience is a driver for work engagement and
innovation. A survey was conducted and resulted with positive correlation between levels of
resilience and level of work engagement and between levels of resilience and innovative work
behavior. This three constructs build on Fredrickson’s 1998 broaden and build theory. The study
urged to develop new methods to improve work engagement and innovative work behavior in the
work place (Roberts, 2016)
Studied Resilience as correlation to positive behavioral outcomes in children in residential care.
Through the review of literature the study found out association with positive behavioral
outcomes such as school engagement, motivation. It suggest to allocate more resources and time
to build adolescence resilience to build long term positive outcomes (Yunfei Lou, Emily P.
Taylor⁎, Simona Di Folco, 2018)
Resilience is to sustain the function of the system despite disruption. One cannot be resilience
without knowing its function of the system