Katie Guzdial 3015 Arbor Chase Decatur, GA 30033

Katie Guzdial
3015 Arbor Chase
Decatur, GA 30033
August 14, 2006
Dear Ms. Cristol,
I am also really excited about this school year and equally excited about having you
as a teacher since I’ve heard so many fantastic things about you! All of the seventh
graders say you are “like the best teacher ever!”
Like you, I also love to travel! I have been to Oxford, London (England), Ireland,
Wales, Canada, Paris, and Scotland, before middle school. I have had quite the summer.
The reason why I went all those places is because my Dad works at Georgia Tech and is
the undergraduate director, so he travels a ton. Georgia Tech has a program in Oxford,
England at Worcester College for six weeks. It’s a lot of fun! Though my Dad had to
work on the weekdays (not including Friday), we got to travel on the weekends! The
only other bad part was that my Mom could only come for the last three weeks, which
was the longest time I had ever been without my mom, but I managed to handle it.
After eighth weeks away from home you miss home a ton. I missed my pets a lot but
out of my pets I missed my horse, Sport, the most. He is a Palamino, Saddle bred and
really tall. I also have two cats, Bandit and Diana. Bandit is a dark gray, fat, male cat.
Diana is a black and white, skinny, female cat. One day, this fall my family hopes to get a
dog, but we have to get a fence first.
I also love to play sports; swimming, basketball, tennis, football and more! I also love to
make up games and stories, and play them/act them out with my friends.
One day I want to be a Director.
Katie Guzdial