Homework Due: Roll and Go number line

Homework Due:
Roll and Go
1. You will need cubes or some type of counter, a six sided die and a
number line (see attached).
2. Have mom or dad cut any three consecutive rows and tape them together in a
long line. The goal is for you to have a number strip that you can use as you count
on. Please make sure you use this number line while you play the game so you
can say the numbers while you see the numbers.
3. Have mom or dad
pick any number on
the number line as
your starting point.
4. Roll the die to see how many numbers you are going to count on. To help you
keep track, grab as many cube/counters as the number you rolled on the die.
5. Start at the number your mom or dad picked. Count on as many numbers as
cubes/ counters you have in your hand.
**If your child is ready for a challenge-try using the numbers 89-122 or have your child count
backwards from any number.
The goal is for the children to be able to count on from any number (1-120). This is a Common Core
Math objective for first grade, and is also the precursor to strong addition skills.
There is a video available so you can watch how to play the game if you have any additional questions.
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Created by S. Weider currently working at CUSD 95 in Illinois