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Role and Plan
• Demand Team assesses the scope of this capability
and the level at which end users find it useful
• Step 1 – Read relevant articles and After-Action
Reviews detailing performance of logistics agencies
during Operation Iraqi Freedom for the 3rd Infantry
• Step 2 – Conduct online survey to determine actual
demand from units executing logistics and scope of
this capability
Current State
• Relevant Articles:
Army Logistics: Our Reality, Our Future
Logistics White Paper
Moving Those Beans and Bullets
Sustainment of the Army Depends on Continuing Logistics Transformation
DLA: Logistics Backbone of Iraqi Freedom
Delivering Logistics Readiness to the Warfighter
• After-Action Reviews Utilized:
3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized)
HHC, Task Force 2-69 Armor
C/1-3 ADA
HHC/1-24 Infantry
• Survey complete
Future Tasks and Timeline
• Survey on WWW and out by e-mail NLT
19 March 2004
• After-Action Reviews and Articles
Summarized for use
• Capabilities/Requirements Determined
by survey feedback
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