Insaniquarium By: Christian Rohling

By: Christian Rohling
Game Theme/History
• The theme of the game is very aquatic. The
entirety of the game occurs within an
– Mild Sci-Fi aspect
• History:
– September 1, 2004 released for PC
• This game uses the same method of hooking it’s
players as “Plants vs. Zombies”.
– Initially you begin with very few options on what to
do, and gradually add more and more choices for the
• The motivation that this game inspires is to not
allow your fish to die.
– When they get close to dying the fish take on a sickly
green look.
– The fish can also be eaten by disgusting looking aliens
Key Mechanics
• Click to deploy food to feed the fish
– Upgradable food pellets
• Fish drop coins with which you can buy more
– Over time the fish grow larger, and drop more
• If there is an alien in the tank, click it to attack
– Upgradable weapon
• This game does a great job of grabbing the
attention of the user, however after probably
4 or 5 hours, the game begins to stagnate.
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