Schmeeckle Reserve

Schmeeckle Reserve
By Andrew Tepp
When I slide into the lake on the Smeeckle Reserve a chill goes up my spine. As
the weeds glide across my legs and I see the fish darting by, my feelings change from
cold and nervous to feeling welcomed with a warm feeling inside. Some of the fish I
saw were bluegills, bass, small minnows, and maybe a northern or two. Some of the
rock formations are amazing on the bottom. There are large boulders laying on the
bottom that are stacked up on each other. The smaller fish can swim in and out of the
cracks in the rocks. I also feel suspense while I am underwater. With all of the weeds on
the bottom I feel that a large fish could pop out at any time and give me a heart attack.
When I swim to the top and get to the beach, it feels like it is the middle of summer.
What a great feeling.