Name: Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan Story Map Pages 350

Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan Story Map
Pages 350-351
1. Read the 8-paragraph story.
2. Place the theme of the story in a complete sentence inside of the fish,
and label it theme.
3. Color the fish so that the parts that pertain to the story are
4. Also write the title and author inside the fish. Remember correct short
story punctuation.
5. For each of the 8 paragraphs in the story…
A. number the paragraphs around the outside of the fish (The
numbers should match the paragraphs in chronological order.),
B. draw an image of the main idea in each paragraph (Color each
of the 8 images),
C. label each of the 8 images with the story element that is
contained in the paragraph (exposition, conflict, climax,
resolution, denouement, theme, plot—these may appear in
various orders, be repeated, or two may appear in a single
paragraph). You should have 8 labels, and all 7 story elements
should be used at least once.
*This is a 100-point assignment, so work carefully and purposefully.