Robert W. Strayer
Ways of the World:
A Brief Global History
First Edition
Eurasian Cultural Traditions
500 B.C.E.–500 C.E.
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China and the Search for Order
• The Legalist Answer
• The Confucian Answer
• The Daoist Answer
Cultural Traditions of Classical India
• South Asian Religion: From Ritual Sacrifice to
Philosophical Speculation
• The Buddhist Challenge
• Hinduism as a Religion of Duty and Devotion
Moving toward Monotheism: The Search
for God in the Middle East
• Zoroastrianism
• Judaism
The Cultural Tradition of Classical Greece:
The Search for a Rational Order
• The Greek Way of Knowing
• The Greek Legacy
Comparing Jesus and the Buddha
• The Lives of the Founders
• Establishing New Religions
• Creating Institutions
Chapter 5
Eurasian Cultural Traditions,
500 B.C.E.–500 C.E.
Map 5.1 The Spread of Early Christianity and Buddhism (p. 149)
Spot Map 5.1 Ancient Israel (p. 140)
China’s Cultural Traditions (p. 124)
Filial Piety (p. 129)
Chinese Landscape Paintings (p. 131)
Hindu Ascetics (p. 134)
The Mahabodhi Temple (p. 135)
Zoroastrian Fire Altar (p. 139)
The Death of Socrates (p. 142)
Women in the Early Church (p. 147)