By Frederick Seid
My Offer
3 Million Dollars for 20% equity.
What is Viewsion?
● A headset that allows the user to
generate images or holograms that
don’t exist physically. This is made
possible by lights that shine on your
● It has sensors and cameras so that it
knows where you are in the room.
● Later, my design team will create apps
and games for it.
● Video Chatting with others will also be
Sole Proprietorship
● Simply put, I want to be in full control and sole
proprietorship allows that. I can’t have that in
● I get all of the profit and I can easily create and end a
business this way.
● There are some cons, though. There is very limited
potential for growth and I have to offer up my own
possessions like my house and car as collateral.
● Overall though, sole proprietorship is the way to go in
that the pros outweigh the cons.
● I am entering a differentiated oligopoly.
● My main competition is the Microsoft Hololens and the Oculus Rift.
● Viewsion is a local, family friendly company. This isn’t a huge corporation
that already make billions. This is a small startup company that has a lot of
potential to learn and grow.
● I need technological knowledge, money, and brand name loyalty to be
● There won’t be any collusion, I believe in honesty. All of these big
companies probably do it, but I won’t.
● I will need about 3 million dollars to build this
● To get more, I will go on fundraising
websites and also borrow money from family
and friends.
● This money will go towards hiring experts to
create the Viewsion, building a workplace,
showing ads online, and making a website.
Marketing, Advertising, and Product
● There will be non-price competition.
● Our ads will be online mostly and be the
appeal to individual feelings. For example, it
could say something like this: by using
Viewsion, you will save time, money and get
a new piece of revolutionary technology.
● I will also have ads on the radio and T.V.
● These ads will target teens and young
adults ages 13-25.
● Sales will be done online only at the moment, but there
will be a specific location where employees work and
the Viewsion units are stored.
● I will hire experts (who will probably demand top dollar)
to work full or part time and other workers will manage
● Each unit will cost $600 dollars.
● The biggest pitfall now is the lack of
● I need money to fund this business right
● Another future pitfall could be people
choosing bigger augmented reality units
over mine, like the Microsoft Hololens.
● To avoid this, I have to have good,
persuasive ads and value customer
satisfaction over all else until I get brand
name loyalty.
Final reason you should Invest
● No longer will people have to build physical
objects, they will be able to do it through
● Family friendly with great customer service.
● Come join me in this new technological