DUAL ASSURANCE: 19 March 2013 David Allen Peter Lacey

DUAL ASSURANCE: 19 March 2013
David Allen
Peter Lacey
Hugh McCann
Claire Baines (in attendance)
Jean Lloyd (Secretary)
Apologies: Andrew Connolly
New Build at Cornwall Campus
It was noted that the ERDF funding for the new building in Cornwall had been approved, but
was completely at risk.
Informal feedback received had been positive.
Timeline was key.
The University was currently going ahead with GPS (Government Procurement Service).
It was also noted that this would impact on Tranche 3.
Infrastructure Session at February Meeting of Council
Members had sight of a note on the session held at February meeting of Council, which was
be tabled at the ISG meeting.
General feedback received was good.
It had been commented that it would be Invaluable to have feedback at each meeting of
Council, giving an update/concise view – this to take effect from the start of the new
academic year.
David advised that he had shared his views with VCEG, especially his concerns in respect of
the increase in student numbers.
Allocation of space for FTE – thought need to be given to what space the University needed
to provide for an expanding population, especially relating to research.
It was noted that the University still has a culture issue; the knowledge was there but there
was a general feeling that some direction was still required from the top down. A Council
policy needed to be discussed.
It was also noted that there could be a conflict with culture change, especially in light of the
Britten Report.
It was suggested that the University needed to look to what flexibility there was for open plan
within the Executive Suite. Helen Greenbeck to investigate.
Structure of Dual Assurance Going Forward
It was noted that in light of the PRG process, the structure of the IS Dual Assurance needed
to be revisited.
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