What’s 4-H Fashion Revue?

What’s 4-H Fashion Revue?
4-H Fashion Revue is a competitive event for youth enrolled in 4-H clothing and textile projects. As a part of these
projects, youth learn about and practice clothing construction, consumerism, appearance, grooming habits, clothing
selections and more. Youth have the opportunity to demonstrate what they've learned during county and state 4-H
Fashion Revues. Build your self confidence. Select or construct a garment from your wardrobe. Practice poise and
presentation skills while modeling.
An opportunity to demonstrate skills and knowledge of clothing and textile construction and consumerism
A reflection of the fashion trends of young people
A learning experience in dressing and grooming for the "total" look
An educational workshop for learning to project a smile, enthusiasm and poise, and help build self-confidence
An opportunity for each 4-H participant to involve his or her special talents
You can enter Fashion Revue with a purchased garment in the Ready to Wear category. Part of the judging for this
class is how you provided yourself with a garment that met a need, but was economical. Or you can make your
garment. If you enter the constructed class, you must have made the outfit yourself using a sewing machine, hand
stitching, weaving, knitting, crocheting, etc.
Classes are available for clothing you have made yourself, or clothing you have purchased.
* Lounge wear
*Formal Wear
Members will dress in their garment and interview with a panel of judges. After judging and practice on the runway,
youth will walk the runway to a script they have written themselves just like a real fashion show.
For more information on Fashion Revue, contact:
Allegany County 4-H
One Commerce Drive
Cumberland, MD 21502
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