Ogle County 4-H Fair Fashion Revue Information

Ogle County 4-H Fair Fashion Revue Information
Clothing & Textiles Project(s):
(Indicate your project level—I, II, or III
Write your own narrative for the Fashion Revue. The narrative should be approximately 100 words in
length. (Use the back of this form, or attach an additional page if necessary.) The following items can be
included in your narrative (* - Required information):
Fiber content of garment
Special interests, hobbies, 4-H projects
Future career plans
Purchased or sewn garment(s)*
Involvement in community activities
Type of garment (casual, dressy, etc.)
Where you will wear garment
Description of garment(s), describing all details, special styling features, & accessories* (A description
from a pattern envelope or fashion magazine may offer some ideas to help you.)
If available, please attach samples of all fabrics used and label them according to the garment sewn.
This form is due at the Extension office by noon on JULY 15, 2008. The form
is available at www.extension.uiuc.edu/ogle under the “4-H Fair” program
area if you are interested in doing your narrative on a PC.
Revised 07/2006, dkm