US History I Mr. Grundfest CHAPTER 6 New Nation Review

US History I
Mr. Grundfest
CHAPTER 6 New Nation Review
Know the following terms:
Bill of Rights
Right of deposit
XYZ Affair
The Non-Intercourse Act
The 12th amendment
The Embargo Act
Orders in Council
Judiciary Act of 1789
Alien and Sedition Acts
Judiciary Act of 1789
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
Midnight judges
Strict construction of the Constitution
Loose construction of the Constitution
Know the answers or explain the following:
1. How Jefferson justified purchasing Louisiana.
2. Hamilton's financial plan
3. The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution
4. How the Louisiana Purchase affected the United States
5. President Washington and precedents.
6. How did conflicts in European affect the United States?
7. Why did the United States purchase Louisiana from France?
8. What contributed to the development of the two-party system in American politics?
9. What steps did the First Congress take to establish the federal government?
10. What were the main political, geographical and constitutional differences between Federalists and
11. What was the first incident in which the federal government demonstrated the effectiveness of its
12. What caused relations between the United States and France to worsen during the 1790s?
13. What did Meriwether Lewis and William Clark find in the Louisiana wilderness?
14. Which groups suffered as a consequence of the Louisiana Purchase?
15. What did Jay's Treaty and Pinckney's Treaty say?
16. What important principle did Chief Justice John Marshall established in the case of Marbury v.
17. Why did Federalists pass the Alien and Sedition Acts?
18. Why did the US to go to war in 1812?
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