Malcolm Bell Founder & CEO, Zaggora

Malcolm Bell
Founder & CEO, Zaggora
Malcolm is Founder and CEO of Zaggora, a revolutionary fitness and lifestyle brand
specialising in designing and manufacturing technology-enhanced activewear products.
Prior to launching Zaggora, Malcolm graduated from the London School of Economics
(LSE) and spent nine years in investment management, managing investment portfolios
for family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals making principal capital
investments into real assets and instruments.
Malcolm left the world of property investment in 2011 to launch Zaggora with his wife,
Dessi Bell – who came up with the concept of ‘HotPants’ while trying to shape up for her
wedding – and their university friend, Khurshid ‘K’ Faizullaev. Since then, Zaggora has
become one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, selling over 500,000 pairs of
HotPants in 119 countries through in less than two years. The company
took home the accolade for Ecommerce Strategy of the Year at the 2012 National
Business Awards, as well as a nomination for Malcolm as Entrepreneur of the Year. Other
nominations include the Retail Week Technology Awards and PayPal Etail Awards, and
Malcolm has also spoken at events for TED, Barclays and Retail Week.