Adrian Simon Director Commercialisation, Brunel University

Adrian Simon
Director Commercialisation, Brunel
Adrian is the Commercialisation Director at Brunel University where he leads a
small team exploiting the output of academic research.
His background is in food and service industries, in which he spent over 25 years
in marketing, sales and general management functions. Starting as a marketing
trainee for Heinz in the UK, he then moved with Heinz to Venezuela where he
became Marketing Manager.
He then moved to New York to join Weight Watchers International later becoming
Managing Director of the German subsidiary of the weight loss service business.
He then went on to create a Weight Watchers branded food business throughout
continental Europe, launching in four markets across a range of product
Adrian has been with Brunel since the early noughties, and, in his current position
for the past four years, has set about creating an operation that seeks to add
value to academic output before it is brought onto the market.