DSE Mentor Training 2013-14 Part 2

Mentor Training
Brunel University Primary Partnership
PGCert Primary
January 2014
Professional Learning Record
School-based assessment points (FSE & DSE)
Use of other adults in the classroom
Professional Learning Record
• Stored electronically on Pebblepad (hard copy in green
section of Handbook)
• Covers the whole school-based training period
• Summary of progress towards meeting the Teachers’
• Involves student teacher, mentor, link tutor and HEI tutor
• Opportunity for student teacher to be aware of their progress
towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards
School based assessment points
• Foundation phase
Assessment of trainee’s personal & professional conduct
Confirmation of trainee demonstrating appropriate standards
• If you see a message like this the student hasn’t activated the
form by completing their section (absences at the bottom of
the form)
School based assessment points
• Development phase – DSE Profile Evidence
– Interim: end of week 3/early week 4
– End: during the final two weeks of DSE
• Student teacher completes self assessment using UCET’s descriptors (p.97104 in handbook). They suggest how well they are meeting the standards
(minimum, good or high level) and provide a rationale for this assessment
• Mentor completes next section with assessment and rationale
• Mentor and student teacher meet to discuss progress and grades are
• Targets for the next phase of school experience are identified
• Strengths and distinctiveness are identified
• Summary recorded on DSE Profile Document
• As part of Brunel’s quality assurance mechanism link tutors will
be involved in moderating assessments
Unsatisfactory progress
• If you are concerned that your student
teacher is not making satisfactory progress
towards meeting any of the Teachers’
Standards you must alert the link tutor
without delay.
• The link tutor will discuss whether an action
plan should be put in place to support the
Moderation activity
• Look at the level descriptors for one of the
Teachers’ Standards and discuss with a
colleague how well your student teacher is
meeting it.
– What is your rationale?
– Where would any supporting evidence be found?
• NB TS3 relates to general subject knowledge but the
Profile document provides an opportunity to break
this down to the core subjects
Mentor’s role in assessment
• Monitoring and assessing trainee’s progress
each week through regular observation,
debriefing and target setting
• Checking trainee’s evidence against the
Standards for both phases
Working with additional adults
• NQT survey – area for development
• Please share your expertise on working with
TAs and other adults in the classroom
– Procedures to ensure effective communication
with additional adults
– Using additional adults to support assessment
– Managing difficult relationships
Thank you for supporting a student
teacher in your classroom!
• Please complete the evaluation form and let us
know if there is anything else you would like
support with
• Further Information can be found on the
Partnership website:
• Our Partnership Manager can be contacted
– email: [email protected]
– tel:
01895 266092