Mrs. Bowman’s Classroom Newsletter B !

Classroom OpenB
Isaac Fox
Lake Zurich, IL
January 22, 2016
Volume 1, Issue 8
Mrs. Bowman’s Classroom Newsletter
Close Reading!
All first through fifth grade classes
focused on close reading at the
beginning of January.
A significant body of research links
the close reading of complex text—
whether the student is a struggling
reader or advanced—to significant
gains in reading proficiency and finds
close reading to be a key component
of college and career readiness.
(Partnership for Assessment of
Readiness for College and Careers,
2011, p. 7)
Independent Reading!
From the © Center for the Collaborative
Anderson, Wilson, and Fielding (1988) led
one of the most extensive studies of
independent reading in which they
investigated the relationship of reading
time to reading achievement. The study
found that the amount of time students
spent reading independently was the best
predictor of vocabulary development and
reading achievement gains.
The research indicates that independent
reading is probably the major source of
vocabulary acquisition beyond the
beginning stages of learning to read.
Independent Reading Impact!