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EXAMPLE: How to Write an Outcome for a Program/Project

EXAMPLE: The Employment Readiness Project’s purpose is to help low-income upper
Manhattan residents obtain the skills they need to find jobs. The project’s strategy is both to
increase participants’ confidence about looking for work, and to teach them how to identify
job openings and apply for work. The project offers workshops on resume-writing and jobinterview skills, conducts individual job-counseling sessions, and makes referrals to internships
and job-training programs.
INSTRUCTIONS: Add at least three additional outcomes to help refine and/or be more specific
about The Employment Readiness Project.
What we Know:
Anticipated Outcome #1
Seventy percent of participants report an increase in
confidence and employment readiness.
Anticipated Outcome #2
All participants create or update resumes.
1. _____________________________________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________________________________
REMEMBER: Outcomes record the changes that occur as a result of your program.6 During your program
designing it is important to determine how you or a staff member will document and track those changes.