Kindergarten News Literacy Math

Kindergarten News
November 16-December 4
-We continue to learn about
the genre of fiction,
including characters, setting,
problem, and solution
-We are working on blending
and segmenting words and
using strategies to use to
figure out unknown words.
-We read and compared
several different
traditional tales
-We worked on
comparing and
ordering length
-We are working
with benchmarks of
5 and explaining our
thinking. For
Q: “Yes, there are 7.
What strategy did
you use to figure
that out?”
A: “I knew there
were 5 in the top
row, so I counted
on…5, 6, 7.”
-We are working on
representing 0-10.
-We continue to enjoy Writers’ Workshop 2-3 times a
week. Our reading helps us as writers!
-We learned that remembering special moments can
help us think of things to write about.
-We are working on making plans for our stories
before we write and adding details to our illustrations.
Science & Social Studies
-We discussed wants and needs
-We are learning about some things
families do to celebrate during the month
of December
Gingerbread Fun…
-Please see the attached documents for information about some of
the gingerbread fun we will be having next week.
-We plan to make a giant gingerbread man on Friday! Please look over
the recipe and let me know if your child may not have a piece of the
gingerbread man.
-We are having fun reading many versions of the gingerbread man
story! We have been comparing characters, setting, refrain, and
Math Kits
-Today, your child brought
home a math kit (red or blue
folder with a pencil case
inside). We will be sending
home games to play each
week. These activities will
help to reinforce the skills
we are working on at school.
We will ask for the math kit
back at the end of the
school year. Have fun!
Upcoming Dates…
*Monday 12/7-Tuesday 12/8
Send in supplies for gingerbread
Thank You!
-It was so nice to meet with
all of you over the past few
weeks! Thank you for coming,
and for all of the things you
do to help us at school!
-Please return your child’s
signed report card if you
have not already done so.
*Thursday 12/17…
Reading Circles
*Friday 12/18…
Pajama Day!
*Monday 12/21-Friday 1/1…
Winter Break (school resumes
Sight Words
-We practice reading a variety of sight words in context on a daily
basis. The following are the words that have been formally introduced:
I, a, see, the, can, like, little, go, to, on, no, look, be, this, me, my, an, and,
am, & here.
-Please let me know if you would like another copy of the kindergarten
sight word list.