Soal Pert. 9 & 10:

Soal Pert. 9 & 10:
1. The internet is the latest public relations frontier. Web users now routinely share
their experiences and problems with a company’s products, service, prices, and
warranties on electronic bulletin boards and in chat rooms. What kinds of special
public relations problems and opportunities does the Internet present today’s
marketers? How can companies use their own Web sites to address these
problems and opportunities? Find an example of a company that uses its Web site
as a proactive public relations tool.
2. Assume that your college or university is currently undertaking a huge marketing
communications campaign targeted to high school students. Explain how your
school might use event marketing and sales promotions to increase enrollment.
3. Identify concepts “Message Appeals and Endorsers in Advertising” that would be
relevant to a furniture company’s efforts to develop an effective exhibition at a
trade show attended by major furniture retailers from around the country.
4. In your own words, explain the practices of forward buying and diverting. Also,
describe the advantages and disadvantages of bill and hold programs.
5. Assume you are a buyer for a large supermarket chain and that you have been
asked to speak to a group of marketing students at a nearby university. During the
question-and-answer session following your comments, one student remarks: “My
father works for a grocery-product manufacture, and he says that slotting
allowances are nothing more than a form of larceny!” How would you defend
your company’s practice to this student?
6. Explain why selling private brands often enables large detail chains to pocket
trade deals instead of passing their reduced costs along to consumers in the form
of lower product prices.