October 1, 2013 Dear Madison Learning Community,

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October 1, 2013
Dear Madison Learning Community,
We have come a long way with our report cards, continually seeking to provide valuable information
about student understanding and achievement, as it relates to the curriculum. A few years ago, we
underwent a thorough reexamination of the report card and created a document that was far more
instructive for parents and educators. Last year we revised that document to conform to our digital
model. Each step has been an improvement and led to a more meaningful experience for teachers and
This past summer, a committee was formed to review and revise areas of the report card that were in
need of clarification or revision. The committee, composed of teachers of Grades K-5, the elementary
school principals, the Supervisor of Elementary Education, and the Supervisor of Mathematics met to
review several sample report cards and develop a new model that would meet our needs as a district. It
was unanimously agreed by the committee members and the Board of Education to adopt these
In looking to provide the most current information possible, we would like to update you on these
revisions made to our elementary report card. In Grades K-3, our current report cards use a number
continuum of 1-4. To enhance consistency and give teachers and parents a clearer understanding of
what each level indicates about student understanding and mastery of content, we have created
descriptors for each level. This will allow teachers and parents to communicate around a common
definition of what student learning looks like at each level. A copy of these descriptors can be found on
each elementary school’s website. A hard copy of these descriptors will also be sent home along with
your child’s report card. In addition, revisions to the math portion of the report card were necessary to
ensure alignment with the Common Core State Standards and provide additional guidance to teachers
and parents about their child’s mathematical understanding.
It is our hope that these updates clarify and enhance the report card for both parents and students. We
encourage you to continue to use your child’s report card as a tool for constructive dialogue around his
or her continued success. Please feel free to reach out to any of us, or your child’s principal, with any
questions or concerns. We look forward to our continued work together for the benefit of each child.
Michael A. Rossi, Jr., Ph.D.