Pre-Calculus (PAP) Syllabus

Pre-Calculus (PAP) Syllabus
East Early College High School
Houston, Texas
Mr. Park, Y
Phone: 713.847.4809
Conference Time: A:12:25-1:30; B: 2:00-3:15
Tutoring Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday: 3:30 pm
Course: Pre-Calculus
Textbook: Advanced Mathematics with trigonometry.
Course Material: A graphing calculator is required.
Course Description: This course is designed to better prepare students for
calculus. In this course. The students study polynomials, rational equations,
exponential and logarithmic functions as well as trigonometry.
Course Objectives: The objective of pre-calculus is to enable you to acquire a
working understanding of functions. This involves: recognizing function types
and their characteristics, predicting the behavior of a function from the value of its
parameters, using functions to analyze data, establishing connections between
functions and real world, and developing the level of mathematical understanding
required for subsequent study of calculus. The following topics are addressed but
not necessarily in order they are presented.
Trigonometry, Linear function, Quadratic function, Composition of functions and
inverses, Polynomial functions, Rational functions, Exponential functions,
Logarithmic functions, Polar Coordinates and Equations, Vectors, Parametric
Grading Procedure: Exams (60%)
Assignments (40%)
Pre-requisite: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II