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Written Expression
Strategy: Scribner’s Task Reconstruction Writing Strategy
Appropriate Grade Level: 6th-12th grades
Have students reconstruct tasks performed in their vocational classes in
written form for English class. Student will develop narrative essays and
instructional manuals to teach others what the learned in their vocational
programs. For example, if student is in a home economics class, the student
would take detailed notes on how she sewed a set of curtains and then take
those notes to their English class and create a written paper about how to
sew curtains based on the notes she had taken.
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Comments and/or tips:
This strategy will help the student take careful, detailed notes on what
processes/tasks they learn in their vocational class, and be able to generalize
their lessons to writing.
Darvin, Jacqueline. (2006). Real world cognition doesn’t end when the bell
rings. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. 49(5), 398-407.