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About unemployment younger than 25.

Over the past decade, unemployment among young people has always been
This problem can cause some problems.
The first problem is that young people cannot gain social experience.
The incapability of young people to gain experience means that their
connection with society becomes difficult.
Therefore, even after the age of 25, they may not be able to work and remain
This, however, is a huge loss for not only the companies but also society, so it
must be prevented.
The second problem is that the gap between the rich and the poor may
It is more difficult for young people to make a lot of money and save money,
in the end, they cannot buy their own house for their whole life.
This is quite serious because the gap between the rich and the poor affects
the standard of living of the entire country as well.
As the first solution to this, I think the companies should create a system that
allows young people to get a job or have an internship opportunity.
Most companies want experienced people, but they also need young people
who have creativity and a different mindset.
My second solution is that the government should help young people get
When it comes to employment, the role of the companies is very important.
At the same time the role of government is so important as well.
The government should support students who want to get a job.
For example, it is good to provide vocational education from middle school
and high school and then get a job as soon as students become an adult or
give students an opportunity to work at government agencies.
In addition, the government should create various state-funded vocational
training centers.
Because it can be a burden for young people.
In summary, the youth employment problem is a problem that including the
government, companies, and individuals must cooperate with.