Melvin M. Mark American Journal of

Melvin M. Mark is Professor of Psychology at Penn State
University. He has served as Editor of the American Journal of
Evaluation, and is now Editor Emeritus. He is President of the
American Evaluation Association in 2006. Dr. Mark’s interests
include the theory, methodology, practice, and profession of program
and policy evaluation. He has been involved in evaluations in a
number of areas, including prevention programs, federal personnel
policies, and various educational interventions. Among his books are
Evaluation: An integrated framework for understanding, guiding, and improving policies
and programs (Jossey-Bass, 2000; with Gary Henry and
George Julnes) and an in-press Handbook of Evaluation
(Sage London, with Ian Shaw and Jennifer Greene). He
is currently working on two forthcoming books,
Exemplars of Evaluation (Sage; with Jody Fitzpatrick and
Tina Christie) and Social Psychology and Evaluation
(Guilford; with Stewart Donaldson and Bernadette
Contact Information
(814) 863-1755