NASA Human Research Program Investigators' Workshop (2012)
The goal of the Behavioral Health and Performance (BHP) research element is to identify, characterize,
and mitigate the behavioral health and performance risks associated with space travel, exploration, and
return to terrestrial life. These include the risk of adverse behavioral and psychiatric conditions; the risk
of performance decrements due to inadequate cooperation, coordination, communication, and
psychosocial adaptation within a team; and the risk of health and performance decrements due to sleep
loss, circadian desynchronization, extended wakefulness and work overload.
During the past seven years, the research portfolio that enables the management and mitigation of the
BHP spaceflight risks has evolved and matured. Today there is greater integration across disciplines,
increased collaboration among colleagues and organizations, and significant accomplishments, which
span habitability requirements, concepts of operations for future missions, and agency-wide technology
This presentation will discuss the major highlights in the portfolio, focusing on the transition of products
and deliverables to our customers – both mission and medical operations for the ISS. Partnerships with
other research elements, including Nutrition, Space Human Factors and Engineering, and Exploration
Medical Care, will aid in the filling of BHP research gaps aimed at future long duration spaceflight. In
addition, some terrestrial benefits of BHP research will also be presented.