Taking a Deeper Look R. Efpatridis ENG1DP

Taking a Deeper Look
R. Efpatridis
1. The setting plays a significant role in the story. Select several descriptive passages that
provide details about the setting. Explain how the setting helps develop the conflict of
person vs. person.
2. Mood and atmosphere are often developed through selective diction in a text. Select
three literary devices used at various points in the short story. Explain how the devices
help create mood and atmosphere in the story. First, define each device. Write the
example of the device beside the definition. Then, proceed with the explanation.
3. What is the tone of “The Sniper”? (HINT: What do you think the author’s opinion of war
is and what passages in the story express his comments or opinions on it?)
4. How does the author construct his protagonist? Analyze the protagonist of “The Sniper”
by identifying at least 4 qualities of the protagonist and provide proof for each. Two
qualities must be identified through indirect characterization.
5. Identify and explain the significance of any one secondary character. Use quotations to
support your claims.
6. What literary devices does the author use to help develop the theme? Provide
examples from the story to support your response.
7. What do you think of the ending of the story? Why do you think the author chose to
end the story in this way? (HINT: What was he trying to share with his audience?)
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