Exercise 1 – Chapter 6

Exercise 1 – Chapter 6
1. information systems projects usulaly have budget, time and quality restraints.
Estimates of project time and cost are revised as the project develops. As the
project proceeds, would you expect estimates to be more accurate ? Under
what conditions would you expect the revised estimates to be higher than the
originals ? What biases would you expect in the original estimates used to
obtain project approval?
2. Describe the waterfall method. The original model was a sequence of activities
in series, where subsequent steps followed completion of prior steps. Why was
that modified to include feedback at each step?
3. Discuss the difference between validation and verification in the context of
information systems project design
4. Prototyping involves developing small scale models of systems. This provides
the ability to learn more about what the system will do. Why is this not
adopted for all projects ?
5. what is different between the spiral model and the waterfall model including
feedback and prototyping?