Jose Hernandez Cis 212 Lab 04

Jose Hernandez
Cis 212
Lab 04
I’ve learned that getting a domain name is very easy. The thing is that you’re not really
buying it, you’re renting it for a price a year or monthly. But once you get your domain name the
next thing is to get a hosting site to get my webpage going.
It’s not only easy to get a hosting company but also very inexpensive. For only three
dollars a year I could get my web site hosted but they have a coupon that will only cost me $1.77
per month. That’s great!! Like the domain name, the hosting site will rent you their services, but
for a very good price.
So nameservers are like phone directories. That way that the hosting site will make it
easy for people to find a website they are looking for by having a list of domain names in their
nameservers instead of using number. So inn layman’s terms a nameserver is like a web page