ALLUSIONS Did you catch the reference?

Did you catch the reference?
Allusion – a reference to another
work intended to borrow an
important theme or quality
from the original to add to the
new work.
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Allusions often refer to the Bible or
other religions, historical people or
events, or literary works (books,
poems, plays), sometimes even
songs. Some allusions refer to pop
culture (movies, pop songs,
A football player throws a “Hail Mary” pass – a
reference to religion. We’re to understand
the desperation that causes some people to
pray to be the desperation he felt when
throwing the pass.
A character in a show strikes a Michael Jackson
pose. The character is borrowing MJ’s
coolness and style.
One more
The action hero almost loses his hat, but
rescues it just before the door closes – just
like Indiana Jones did. We’re meant to see
this action hero as daring – and lucky – as
Indiana Jones.
In “The Avengers” when Ironman is about to fly
Hawkeye up to the top of the building so he can
shoot his arrows at the incoming alien baddies,
he tells him, “Clench up, Legolas” which is a
reference to…
Allusions and parodies are NOT the same!
While both are referencing something well
known, a parody is going for humor while an
allusion may not be.
Also, parodies are fairly blatant; allusions are
more subtle.
Clips to watch on YouTube
Put each of these in the search box to get the
exact clip you need to see:
 Volkswagen “The Force” commercial
 Dodge George Washington commercial
 Seinfeld Season 6 Episode 6-Mr Pitt's Speech
 Avengers “Flying Monkeys” scene
 Toy Story 2 Movie References