NUI Galway’s Car Share Scheme
‘Start the day with a pick me up’
If you need to drive on a regular basis to NUI Galway, have you considered sharing your car
journey? NUI Galway has developed a car share scheme to enable staff and students to share their
journeys to the campus.
NUI Galway’s Car Share Scheme will commence in October 2010 as part of the implementation of
our 2010-2014 Workplace Travel Plan to encourage the reduction of single occupancy vehicle use. In
the 2010 travel survey, 38% of staff and 56% students currently driving alone indicated a
willingness to car share, while some are already doing so on an ad hoc basis.
NUI Galway is a registered partner organisation with the National Transport Authority’s car sharing
scheme which is a Smarter Travel Workplace Initiative.
The Car Share Scheme is a scheme which allows staff and students to register their journeys on a
website and share journeys when they choose to do so. This can be as regular or as infrequent as
the user chooses.
The benefits include
cutting your travel costs
reducing the amount of stress from driving alone or in traffic
regular incentives and prizes for registered users
playing your part in developing NUI Galway as a greener campus
reduction in carbon emissions
helping to reduce peak hour traffic congestion and pollution
if you leave your own car at home it will be free for use by others members of your family
This is an informal scheme available to staff and students of NUI Galway, with monthly prizes for
registered users. Please note the following:
All users must register their details on the University’s car-sharing database available here
The above URL will direct staff and students directly to the login page. A Screenshot of the
page can be seen in this document (Image 1).
Each user will require a valid email address ending in in order to register
By registering, the user can log their trip and look for potential car sharers travelling to the
university with whom they could share the journey daily, weekly, monthly etc.
An individual can choose to add/remove themselves from the register at any time
Registering and using the scheme is really easy and within minutes you will be able to search for
potential car sharers. An email is sent to users with their login and password.
Image 1: A screenshot of the Login page of the webpage
General Information
Car Insurance
It is advisable that you contact your insurance company and inform them that you are car sharing.
This will generally not increase your insurance premium. However, your insurance may become
invalid if you choose to charge passengers more than their share of running costs
Guaranteed Lift Home Scheme
If you are a registered member of NUI Galway’s Car Share Scheme and an unforeseen emergency
arises, NUI Galway will guarantee an employee a return journey home.
Responsibilities of Car Driver
It is the Car Driver’s responsibility to ensure that the following is adhered to:
That the car being driven is roadworthy and has a current NCT Certificate
That the car is insured
That the driver possesses a current driving license
That drivers and passengers comply with all necessary legislation e.g. seat belt, non use of
mobile phone etc.
Allow time for your car sharing arrangements to work as it may take a few journeys for everything to
slot together! For a car sharing arrangement to run smoothly, it’s important that everyone is
Comments and Suggestions
If you require further information or have any comments/suggestions in relation to this initiative,
please contact the Environmental Manager, Buildings Office, NUI Galway (091) 495944 or email:
[email protected]
Guaranteed Lift Home Scheme
Terms and Conditions:
NUI Galway’s Guaranteed Lift Home Scheme (GLH) guarantees employees who are formally
participating in the Car Share Initiative a return journey home in the event their car share partner
lets them down, due to an unforeseen problem.
It is difficult to be specific about all situations where this service will be provided, as these are likely
to be individual and infrequent. Examples of unforeseen problems include picking up a sick child from
school or a family emergency. All steps will be taken to assist members of staff who unexpectedly
find themselves unable to get home from work. All cases will be considered in the light of their
individual circumstances and these notes should be used as guidelines only. However NUI Galway
will give favourable consideration to requests in all genuine emergencies.
The GLH Scheme has a limited annual budget and is provided to reassure car sharers of a return
journey home that will not incur any unnecessary costs to that employee. Applications will be
assessed and monitored to ensure no misuse of the GLH Scheme.
How to Apply
Costs incurred by an employee’s return journey are reimbursed retrospectively and it is the
employee’s responsibility to:
Arrange their return journey with reference to the preferences below
Complete the attached form and ensure it is signed by employee and line manager
Provide a receipt for expense incurred
Submit the form and receipt to the Parking & Information Office for consideration
NUI Galway will provide a suitable and appropriate means of transport for a car sharer by one of the
following means, in accordance with NUI Galway’s promotion of sustainable transport options.
Mode of Travel
Car sharing with another registered
user, facilitated through the car share
Public Transport (train/bus)
Reimbursement Value
Value of a single standard
Licensed Taxi
Note: No other modes of transport are permissible
To be eligible for the GLH Scheme, please ensure you:
Are registered as a member of NUI Galway’s Car Share Scheme
Are actively car sharing with at least 1 other employee for at least 5 days before the
date of the claim
Have a valid reason i.e.
i. A home emergency (reported burglary, fire, flood etc) requiring your immediate
ii. Personal illness or illness/injury of an immediate family member requiring your
iii. An unforeseen work reason (certified by your line manager) why you cannot
leave work at your normal finish time
iv. The unavailability of your car share partner for the above reasons
The following situations are not covered by the GLH Scheme:
When a car sharing driver is detained by a pre-arranged meeting or medical appointment
Working late other than at a manager’s request
Early office closure e.g. during or in anticipation of extreme weather conditions or a
building evacuation
General Terms and Conditions
Employees are responsible for making their own arrangements for their return journey
Reimbursement will be in the form of a cheque issued to the employee’s work address
NUI Galway reserves the right to refuse an application
NUI Galway reserves the right to alter/withdraw the GLH Scheme at any time
Please contact the Environmental Manager, if you are unsure of aspects of this scheme or to check
your eligibility before incurring any costs.
Contact: Buildings Office, The Quadrangle, NUI Galway
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (091) 49(5944)
NUI Galway Guaranteed Lift Home Application Form
Please complete this form and ensure it is signed off by your line manager/Head of School or College
before returning to the Parking and Information Office, The Concourse, Arts and Science Building,
NUI Galway.
Staff No:
Date of Claim:
School and or
Home Address:
Please complete below to detail the reasons for your claim
Name of car share
partner (driving
on day of claim):
Reasons for claim:
Alternative used:
Cost of claim:
(attach receipts)
I have read and understand the terms and conditions of the Guaranteed Lift Home Scheme:
Line Manager’s
For administration Purposes:
Date Received:
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