AbstractID: 9916 Title: DICOM Update

AbstractID: 9916 Title: DICOM Update
The DICOM Standard is constantly evolving to address new forms of imaging and related technology, as well as to address
new fields of application. Additional services are regularly added to support workflow management. This segment of the
refresher course will summarize recent such additions to the standard.
Particular attention will be devoted to the new enhanced MR multi-frame image object, which introduces a fundamental new
encoding structure into the standard, as well as adding capabilities for encoding functional MRI data, spectroscopy and raw
data. The multi-frame Secondary Capture images will be discussed. The use of DICOM for encoding measurement in
formation and computer assisted detection information based on structured reporting will be addressed. New forms of offline
interchange media including DVD will be addressed, as will advances in compression schemes supported, including JPEG
Educational Objectives:
Understanding of the directions in which the DICOM standard evolves and the factors involved in choosing the
strategic direction of the standard.
Features of the recently added image objects.
Features of the recently added structured reporting objects.
Features of the recently added media types
Features of the recently added compression schemes
The author:
is the Chief Technology Officer of Princeton Radiology Pharmaceutical Research
Is the industry co-chairman of the DICOM Standards Committee