AbstractID: 7050 Title: Design and Implementation of a Robust, High-Availability

AbstractID: 7050 Title: Design and Implementation of a Robust, High-Availability
DICOM Print Network in a Large, Multi-modality Clinical Environment
The purpose of this work is to describe the development and implementation of a highly
reliable DICOM print network at our institution.
The system requirements were to provide DICOM print services on dry media to multiple
modalities, allow creation of custom lookup-tables (LUT), provide fail-over/redundancy,
and allow sorting of printed image sets. Three vendors were evaluated for image quality,
throughput, connectivity, and fail-over. The chosen configuration (Fuji PS551/DPL) was
scaled up to meet the needs for hard copy production in our busy (300,000+ exams/year)
clinical operation.
System features:
1. Print servers are connected to multiple printers and are configured for automatic
fail-over upon printer error.
2. Modalities are configured with dual print destinations to allow redirection of print
activity upon print server error.
3. Printers sort by DICOM application entity title (AET): output from any given
device may be directed to a specific sorting bin (reducing the effort needed to sort
films prior to hanging).
4. Custom LUT’s were created which match those currently in use. LUT
assignments are made either by calling AET or on request from the user.
5. QC is by automatic initiation of DICOM print jobs from a Unix-based
workstation or by manual initiation from PC’s utilizing e-Film’s™ DICOM print
capabilities. Twice-daily QC results reveal impressive consistency compared to
our wet solution.
The "time-to-hang films" in CT has been reduced from an average of 2.8 hours to 1.5
hours with improved image quality and extremely high system dependability.