Soil Texture Activity Post Lab sand-

Soil Texture Activity Post Lab
What are the percentages of each mineral in your soil?
sandsiltclayUsing your soil triangle, determine what type of soil you have (or tested):
Based on your results, pick which of the following 3 plants you would plant in your own
garden and provide a sentence or two to defend your pick.
Blanket Flower- These plants actually require excellent drainage, which makes them
quite resistant to drought. The bright, warm-colored blooms appear from mid-summer to
early fall.
Armenian Cranesbill- Brilliant magenta flowers with contrasting dark eyes are
produced throughout the summer on tall clumps of delicately cut, bright green foliage
which turns red in spring and autumn. One of the best plants for a consistently moist
soil. It needs a great amount of nutrients. The roots are strong.
Carrots- are fairly fussy growers. They love light, stone free, well drained, fertile soils
with plenty of well rotted organic matter in them. Rich sandy peaty soils are perfect in
providing the best conditions for the carrot roots to penetrate deeply and to swell.
What are some problems that you predict your soil may give?