Objectives for Ecology Exam 2

Objectives for Ecology Exam 2
1. Be able to create a food web using all the possible niches involved and recognize a
feeding niche from a chain. Be able to define all the possible niches that an organism can
fill in a food web. Be able to cite examples for each niche. (notes and 1.2 in text)
2. Be able to explain all the possible paths of energy and matter in an ecosystem. Diagram
and explain the concept of a biomass and number pyramid. (notes and 1.6 in text)
3. Be able to draw and define the processes involved in the carbon/oxygen cycle. (notes, lab
activity, and 1.7 in text)
4. Be able to draw and define the processes involved in the hydrologic (water) cycle. (notes
and 1.7 in text)
5. Be able to identify all the processes and components of the nitrogen cycle. Recognize
which organisms are responsible for the processes
and the end product of each process (including chemical names and formulas. (handouts,
diagram, and 1.7 in text)
6. Be able to explain the concept of Oceanic Food Chains. Give examples of organisms
from each level of the food chain. Describe why the current method of fishing in the
ocean is NOT sustainable and include a discussion about fishing for top level predators
versus for lower level fish. Review all questions from webquest.
7. Be able to answer all the assigned questions regarding the text and the case studies.
8. (1.2 - #2-9) – pg. 16
9. (1.3 - #1-6) – pg. 18
10.(1.4 - #2-4) – pg. 20
11.(1.5 – #2, 3,4,7,8,10,11,12) – pg .24