PART ONE Electricity 1. Go to the following website:

Name: __________________________ PART ONE Electricity
1. Go to the following website:
2. Click on the electricity tab at the side to answer the following questions below:
3. What are the three particles that make up an atom? What are their charges?
4. Draw a model of an atom and label its parts.5. What are the two kinds of electricity? Define each.
6. What are the three things necessary to build a circuit? Describe each and give an
example of each.
7. Define conductor and give an example.
8. Define insulator and give an example.
9. How must batteries be arranged for them to work in a circuit?
10. What can cause a light bulb to be brighter in a series circuit?
11. What is the difference between a parallel and a series circuit?
12. What is the purpose of a switch?
13. Define resistor and give an example.
Part 2
1. Go to the following website: (You can open this document from my webpage to save
time from copying)
2. Click “launch the game” and then watch the story and then complete the tasks.
3. Record your final score: ________________
4. Go to the following website:
5. Go through the interactive.
6. Type in (login: suhammer password: scienceclass)
7. Watch the following brainpop videos then take the classic quiz for each video. Record
the scores in the table below:
Video Title
Quiz Score (out of possible
10 points)
Static Electricity
Current Electricity
8. Sketch a picture of a series and a parallel circuit.
9. What are some similarities between a series and a parallel circuit?
10. What are some of the differences between these types of circuits?
12. Which one of these would be better to use in a house? Explain your reasoning in 3-4
If you finish early, you may go to the following website to review: