Minutes of St. Joseph S.S. Council Meeting November 20, 2012

Minutes of St. Joseph S.S. Council Meeting
November 20, 2012
Location: The Learning Centre (Library)
Time: 7:00 pm
Council Members: Josie Scioli – Chair, Rita Malatesta – Treasurer, Rose Ruscetta,
Parish Rep., Barb Carcary – Fundraising Rep., Charles
Dombrady, OAPCE Rep.,
Judy Borges, Secretary
Sharon Bolger, Christina Izquierdo, Teacher Rep.
Janet Miles, Shirley Tan, Dalila Tome, Fatima Antunes-Cardoso,
Mara Farmer, Maria-Chiera-Lyle, James Carcary
Welcome and Opening Prayer: Meeting started at 7:03
Student Council Report:
 Semi-formal this Friday open to all grades; $40 with a
four course meal; 83 people expected at Le Treport
Banquet Hall
 Hot chocolate in cafeteria on Nov. 27th through
Starbucks to help raise money for the semi-formal
 Dec. 21 talent show; there will be auditions for ten acts
in total; open to everyone
 Dec. 20 ``paint the school purple day``; pay $2 to wear
civvies and purple
Report on My Blueprint:
All students can start their own account
On Dec. 10 online course selection to be opened up
Interest inventory will help choose a career
Discovery & Explorations includes high school planner,
post-secondary planner and occupational planner
 Video can be found on:
 Marg visited elementary schools to introduce website to
Grade 8 students
 Board wants to enhance communication with parents
 Pilot Project with “Thinkstream”
 Contact via e-mail is cumbersome and problematic with
privacy compliance
 Using e-mail is not a priority for the Board at this time
 Online communication is to be streamlined using this
company’s product as opposed to Twitter-based
 If system works well, letter to be sent out to Grade 9
parents to fill out survey
 Results of survey to be used as initial starting point
 Enormous potential for feedback
 In the meantime Sharon to follow up with Jeff to make
sure the auto-dialer continues to be used
Staff Rep. Report:
As per The Good News Report
 Bullying Prevention Awareness Week
 Pink T-shirt on sale for $10 on Thursday
 The proceeds will go to Mike Newts and the foundation
he’s created
 Mike will talk to the grade 9s on Thursday
 University application deadline is Jan. 16 while college
application deadline is Feb. 1
 See the Youtube video entitled “Time After Time”
 There is a credit course in Yoga in Grade 11!
Parish Report:
Shepherd’s Trust collection
Sunday missals available for pick-up
CWL membership renewal
Advent wreath craft for kids (6-14 yrs.) in parish hall
Nov. 24
 St. Joseph S.S. has a position available for student
monitor – apply at main office
 Catholic Sponsorship of Bolivian child – 1 year
commitment - $180 – contact parish
Treasurer Report:
 Council has $445 in the bank
 Waiting for $1000 Pro Grant & $500 from Ministry
OAPCE Report:
 OAPCE conference takes place on May 24 & 25, 2013 –
flyer distributed
 All Catholic graduates are invited to complete the
Institute for Catholic Education Survey which can be
found at: www.beyondcatholiceducation.com
 DPCDSB’s participation in Mats for Haiti program has
been a huge success with over 800 000 bags in storage –
it is still possible to collect bags until Christmas
 DRAPCE’s application for a “Pro Grant” for 2012-2013
has been accepted ($12 000); the question was posed –
How does DRAPCE distribute/use these funds?
(C. Dombrady to follow up)
Chairperson’s Report:
 What type of speakers to we wish to engage to address
our community in the future?
 Intention is to invite feeder schools as well
 Mental health speaker was very popular
 Should topic be more specific i.e. “anxiety”?
 Potential speaker is Charles Tator – he discussed head
injuries at Corpus Christi
 Topics such as “eating disorders” and “cyber bullying”
also possible as well as “21st century learner /
assessment and reporting / school goals”
 Teachers to come and discuss PLC perhaps in Feb.
 Should we invite spiritual/motivational speaker such as
Alvin Law? (availability and cost to be determined)
 . Carcary offered to speak on IT/i-phone security
Approval of Last Meeting Minutes:
 Minutes from Tuesday, October 23rd proposed and
Next Meeting:
December 18, 2012
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