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Ms. Becker
Computer Technology
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What Do You Remember?
Computer Skills Pre-Test
1. Describe ways to use Microsoft Word.
2. What type of software would you use to develop a spreadsheet and chart?
3. Name four parts of a computer?
4. What are the home row keys?
5. What are the four functions of a computer system?
6. What type of software is the best choice for developing a slide show presentation?
7. What type of software is best for making certificates, brochures, and greeting cards?
8. What is the biggest database in the world?
9. What are BCMS requirements called that ensure students use the computer properly?
10. What are two selections on the Publisher Ribbon and how would you use them to
develop a Publisher brochure?
11. What do you call the vertical blocks of data in a spreadsheet?
12. What do you call the horizontal blocks of data in a spreadsheet?
13. Describe your favorite type of technology.
14. What are two things you would like to learn during this nine week Computer Technology