Name: _____________________________ Post Mortem of a Character

Name: _____________________________
Post Mortem of a Character
Choose one characters from the short story “Seventh Grade”. Complete at
least five of the following body parts for the post reading autopsy of this
character. Place these strategically on the body outline. Write a
sentence/claim that describes that particular aspect of the character, and then
place a quote to support your assertion.
Head – Intellectual side Eyes – Seeing through
Ears – Hearing through
of the character—What the character’s eyes—
the character’s ears—
are his dreams?
What memorable sights What does he notice
Visions? Philosophies affect him? How?
and remember others
he keeps inside?
saying to him? How is
he affected?
Nose – Smelling
Arms –Working—What
through the character’s character’s
is the character’s
nose—What smells
communication—What relationship to work in
affect him? How?
philosophy does the
general? To specific
character believe?
What song would
characterize the
character’s philosophy
of life?
Hands – The practical
Heart – The emotional
Torso – The instinctive
side of the character— side of the character— side of the character—
What conflicts does he What does he or she
What doesn’t he or she
or she deal with? How? love? Hate? Whom?
like about himself or
herself? What does he
or she hide? What
brings the character
pain? What does he or
she fear?
Legs – The playful side Feet-The character’s
Wings – The
of the character—What mobility—Where has
character’s future—
does he or she do for
he or she been? How
Where is he or she
has he or she been
affected by travel or
Draw your character in the space provided below. Place your
sentence describing the character and the quote from the book to
the side of each body part. Make sure to label the body part.