American Cultures Name___________________ Ms. Wilus

American Cultures
Ms. Wilus
Research Paper Topics
I. Possible topics (1915 - 2001)
A. The First World War
- Wilson's Foreign Policy
- Outbreak of War in Europe
- Neutrality
- America Enters the War
- The War Abroad
- The Home Front
- Wilson's Peace Program: Success / Failure
- Aftermath
B. The 1920's
- The Election of 1920
- Foreign Affairs in the 1920's
- Domestic Policies and Politics of the 1920's
- The Golden Twenties
- The plight of agriculture in the 1920's
- The Red Scare
- Prohibition
- Ku Klux Klan of the 1920's
- The Scopes Trial
C. The Depression
- Stock Market Crash
- Causes of the Depression
- Herbert Hoover's Programs
- FDR - The New Deal
- Critics of the New Deal
- The Second New Deal
- Labor in the 1930's
- The Role of Eleanor Roosevelt in the Depression
D. World War II
- The Election of 1940
- American Involvement in Global War
- Wartime Diplomacy
- Lend Lease Plan
- Atlantic Charter
- Pearl Harbor
- The American Home Front
- Japanese Internment
- The Atomic Bomb
E. The Cold War
- Harry S Truman: Foreign Policy
- Background to the Cold war
- Atomic Rivalry
The Policy of Containment
Marshall Plan
Truman Doctrine
Berlin Blockade
The United Nations
Truman Doctrine
The Korean War
F. The 1950's
- Civil Rights issues of the 1950’s
- Harry s. Truman: Domestic Policy
- Eisenhower: Domestic Foreign
- Desegregation of Little Rock
- Brown vs. Board of Ed.
G. John F. Kennedy
- The 1960 Election: Kennedy v. Nixon
- The New Frontier
- Kennedy and Camelot
- Cuban Missile Crisis
- Robert Kennedy
- Kennedy and Vietnam
- Assassination of JFK
- The Performance of the Kennedy Administration
H. The 1960’s
- Terrorism in the 1960’s
- Social Unrest of the 1960’s
- The Civil Rights Movements and the 1960’s
I. Lyndon B. Johnson
- Transfer of Power: Kennedy to Johnson
- Johnson and Vietnam
-The Great Society
J. The Nixon Years
- The 1968 Election
- Domestic Policy Under Nixon
- Nixon and Vietnam
- The Pentagon Papers
- The Watergate Break-in
- Nixon / Kissinger Foreign Policy: China
- Nixon / Kissinger Foreign Policy: The Middle East
- Nixon / Kissinger Foreign Policy: The Soviet Union
- Nixon Resigns From Office
- The Performance of the Nixon Administration
- Gerald Ford: The President from Congress
- The Nixon Pardon
-”Stagflation” in the 1970’s
K. James Earl Carter
- 1976 Election
-Carter’s Peacemaking: Camp David Accords
- Iran Hostage Crisis
- Deteriorating Soviet / American Relations: SALT II
- Afghanistan: The Olympic Boycott
- Carter: Foreign Policy
- Carter: Domestic Problems and Solutions
L. Ronald Reagan
- The issues of the 1980 & 1984 election
- Reaganomics
- Reagan and anti-terrorism
- The attack on Libya
- U.S. involvement in Latin America: El Salvador & Nicaragua
- The Iran-Contra Scandal
- Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) - AKA: Star Wars
- Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty)
- Deregulation of the savings and loan industry-S&L Scandal
- The Reagan assassination attempt (John Hinckley Jr.)
- Reagan and environmental policy
- Reagan confronting organized labor- Air Traffic Controllers strike
- The Grenada invasion
- Reagan and military preparedness - "peace through strength"
- Nancy Reagan: The anti-drug campaign
M. George Bush
- The Gulf War
- Tianamen Square Demonstration: U.S. policy towards China
- Bush shaping European relations following the fall of communism
- Failure of the 1988 promise to not raise taxes
- The appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court
- The Americans with Disabilities Act
- U.S. involvement in Somalia
- Bush: The environment
- Bush: The Iran- Contra Scandal - The pardons
N. Clinton
- Election of 1992
- Hillary Clinton/Health Care Reform
- Bill Gates/High tech Industries
- Shifting Population
O. September 11th Attack
- How the attacks dramatically altered the way Americans
looked at life.