Six Room Image Poem Name: _______________________

Name: _______________________
Six Room Image Poem
Think about a place…maybe from your past…an outside place…a secret place…a memory.
First Room: Close your eyes and try and see
Second Room: Look at the same image as in
it as clearly as a photograph. Describe it.
the first room, but just focus on the quality
of light.
Third Room: Picture the same image and
Fourth Room: Focus on only the smells or
focus only on the sounds.
tastes that are in that place.
Fifth Room: Write down any feelings you
Sixth Room: Write down any questions you
have about this same image.
have about the image. (???)
Other possible rooms you can choose: What it would be like if you touched it, What this place would say
if it could speak, 3 metaphors or similes to compare what you see to something else.